Top 10 Ways To Secure More Value for Your Home

When you are looking to sell your home, securing the most value for your home is the highest priority for most people.

After years of working with homeowners to protect their homes and partner with them to gain greater value, here are our top 10 ways to sell your home for more money.

10. Lighting

Modern Kitchen with Track Lighting

Whether it be large windows that allow in natural light, or proper lighting available in each room, creating a bright and comfortable space is important to earning the most money for your home.

9. Closet Space

Walk in Closet with Interior Lights

When people are looking at your home, they are bound to open up every door to see what’s there. Prepare for this by organizing closets to show off the storage space they possess. Having a closet that showcases neatly what the potential buyer can do is a valuable asset in selling your home.

8. Small Upgrades

Man staining a wood home

If you are preparing to sell your home, don’t take on the task you always wish you had done, instead, stick with smaller upgrades that are done well cheaply. Seeing brand new changes can give people a sense that the house has been well maintained and offer buyers assurance that work and upkeep have been done, like a new dishwasher or new paint.

On the flip side, large renovations may have the opposite effect and make people feel that an overdone room or mega renovation isn’t worth the increased cost.

7. Make it a home…not your home

Modern Living Room

When you set up your home for sale, it is important to begin to offer a sense that this home is available and not currently someone else’s home. Having pictures of your family and trips can make it difficult for a buyer to see themselves living there.

6. Killer Kitchen

Kitchen with Apron Sink and White Subway tile

Kitchens provide so much for every family. We have coffee, make breakfast, cook holiday dinners there. The life of a house is oftentimes in the kitchen. With that being the case, spending money and time on kitchen upgrades nearly always returns value to anyone trying to sell their home and is a key feature point to getting others to buy it as well.

5. Curb Appeal

Front Lawn Curb Appeal

When someone pulls up to your house, they often are going to create a snap judgement the moment they set eyes on it.

Having well manicured lawns, clean siding and a well maintained look can create the “curb appeal” that sets your house apart from others.

4. Stay Ready for Showtime!

Cleaning Countertops

A realtor potentially can stop by or bring someone to see a home at any time. Making sure that the home is always within striking distance of being shown is important during the sales process. Excess garbage or dirty sinks can impact sales prices even when everything else is perfect.

3. The Price is Right

Realtor Handshake

Discussing with your real estate agent the surrounding area home values and finding a good connection to your home’s price are essential to getting things off to a good start.

Pricing a home too high can lead to good quality leads not seeing your home as they are “priced out”. Pricing a home too low and you may have a house that moves quickly but doesn’t reward you financially in a way that makes you feel happy with your decision.

2. Value-adds That Work

New Floor being laid

Some value-adds offer a perceived value that is outsized to their actual contribution. Like a fresh coat of paint making years of living disappear to look fresh and new.

Another added value that can secure an outsized position in the market is a Home Warranty. With a Home Warranty, you can offer protection for your buyer for their first few years in the home. This can give them peace of mind when buying your home that any unexpected costs that could arise can potentially be covered by their Home Warranty.

You can find more about this by going here.

1. Who You Choose Matters

Realtor Meeting with Clients

You are going to spend potentially months working with an agent. When that’s the case, making sure they fit your personality and your needs is vital to success. Without a clear marketing plan, and without clear objectives, both sides can become wary of each other and create a negative environment for a sale.

Get more value for your home with a Home Warranty
Get Started

Choosing the right agent can make all the difference in you getting the most value for your home.

We hope you enjoyed this list, if you would like more articles like this, please leave us a comment and let us know what issues you are having with your home.

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