Teacher Appreciation from HPOA

Making a Difference

Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated on the first full week of May, each year.  While teaching is arguably one of the most rewarding and giving professions out there, being recognized and celebrated by their students and their parents is a gift that can validate all of their hard work throughout the school year. 

Teachers are certainly the unsung heroes of children’s lives.  Parents are the cornerstone of a child’s development, but teachers can have a lifelong impact on their students.  Their role often goes beyond just academic, and can include fostering self-esteem, increasing their motivation to learn and introducing them to new interests.

Teachers should be made to feel special all year long, but a dedicated week is a great opportunity to really make them feel valued for all that they do for their students!  Gifts can be of varied expense, but the most important thing is to make sure that they know they are important and appreciated!

Gifts they Really Want…or NOT!

Teacher Assisting Students

While there are many things that teachers would love to receive during their appreciation week, there are also some that they probably don’t want! 

A gift that should be avoided is homemade food or desserts.  While the thought is always nice, there is really no assurance that items are prepared in a controlled and sanitary environment.  Especially considering the current health and personal safety climate, gifting homemade food should be avoided.

Top options

On the other end of the spectrum, there are definitely some gifts that teachers will be really pleased with!  

One of the most requested or desired gifts by teachers are gift cards.  Gift cards are great because it gives the teacher control.  Chances are good that you know your child’s teacher well enough to at least have an idea of what type would be most appreciated.

An example of a good gift card to give a teacher is to a local restaurant.  Everyone needs to eat, and it is even more enjoyable when someone else pays for your meal!  Choosing a restaurant with a wide variety of items will ensure that there is something on the menu that they will like!

Another good gift card idea is to a spa or salon.  The chance to receive some much needed relaxation and pampering is sure to make them happy!  Gift cards that can be redeemed for manicures, pedicures or massages are especially valued, and can provide some much needed relaxation.

Another good choice for a gift is something handmade or personalized.  Especially when children are younger, a drawing, craft or piece of personally made jewelry are great options for your favorite teacher.  A popular gift, in recent years,  is personalized drink tumblers or cups.  You can have them made with their name, a favorite saying or team, or just a pretty design.  Any of these are sure to impress the teacher in your life!

Give Peace of Mind

Teachers work extremely hard, and this year faced more challenges than ever. The last thing that they should be worrying about is an appliance breaking or a system failure that they would need to devote their attention and resources to repairing. 

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