Frequently Asked Questions

We will replace it subject to the terms
of your contract.

No, we do don’t require an inspection.

No, we do not have a limit to the
number of claims you can file.

No, you do not. We pay the repair
technician directly.

There is no deductible for repairs.

No, there is not a service or trade fee.
This is what sets us apart from other
Home Warranty providers!

You sure can. Use our Plan Selection tool to choose the right plan and enter the property and homeowner information when purchasing a warranty as a gift. The recipient will be very grateful!

Absolutely, we even encourage this. We want you to feel comfortable with who is repairing your home. All we ask is that the provider you choose be fully insured, licensed and meets all local, state and federal regulations pertaining to the work they are performing.

You can call 888-466-3081, E-mail [email protected], or via the Request Service option at the top of this page.

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