Spruce Up Your Garden with Mulch

Spring time is the perfect time to get back outside and work on all the new growth in your yard. If you’re trying to take it to the next level and get your garden picture perfect, then every detail is important. The appearance of the overall area will be so gratifying when every inch is complete. 

The easiest way to achieve your goals for your landscape is to finish it off with mulch. Not only does mulch give a clean and attractive look, it has many benefits to your yard. Mulch helps keep moisture in your garden beds and areas where mulch is used.

In Spring, most areas tend to get more rain. With the additional moisture, it is the perfect time to lay new mulch for the nutrients your soil will receive from the mulch. If you are doing yard work, you know there is not much that is more annoying than weeds. Mulch is great for weed control. 

Spring isn’t the only time you can apply mulch. Another great time to apply mulch is in the winter. This will work wonders for insulating your plants from the cold weather. 

How much is too much?

Red mulch in the back of a pickup truck

Multiply the square footage of the area to be mulched by the number of inches of mulch you want to apply and then divide that number by twelve. A cubic foot of mulch will cover 12-square feet with about 1-inch of mulch.  Most bags bought at a hardware store will have a key on the label with similar measurement tips. Many people recommend 2-4 inches for the thickness of mulch you’re laying.

Pick a color

Red Mulch in Hands

Now, you have choices to make. You can go for the natural look and color, or, there are many options for dye colored mulch. Red and black colored mulch are increasing in popularity and give your garden a bright pop.

Another popular option is rubber mulch. This can be more expensive, but the lifespan is much longer. Keep in mind that your soil and yard will not get the same health benefits as a wood mulch.

Tip Time

Mulch in Wheelbarrow

You don’t necessarily need any special tools, but they will definitely help make the job easier. Gloves and a rake are perfect for spreading the mulch. Remember if you are using a dyed mulch, you don’t want to stain your hands or clothing. 

A rake can also be used to flatten the ground prior to laying the mulch. When applying the mulch, avoid dumping the entire bag in one pile to allow yourself using just what you need. If you over-mulch, you may suffocate any plants. 

Another tip is to leave at least an inch of space in between the mulch and plants or any trees. This allows the root systems to circulate air and water. Once you have finished laying your mulch, a common mistake is to water your garden or yard right away. Allowing 24 hours will let your mulch settle and all the dye in colored mulch is less likely to rinse off. 

Mulch will react to the elements with rain and sunshine, and cause it to fade over time. Lightly turning the mulch will quickly improve the color and help prevent mold in places where the mulch has been damp for extended periods of time.

Once you have added your mulch as a finishing touch, you get to enjoy your well manicured lawn!