Quick Guide to Home Lighting

Light Up Your Life

Been spending more time at home lately?  Many people don’t consider lighting a part of the decorating process, but more attention in this area can have a huge impact.  One of the most rewarding things that can be done in your home to improve its ambiance is to make sure that all areas have appropriate and functional lighting for what you need. 

Lighting doesn’t have to be purely for function

Lighting options have evolved to not just provide lighting, but also to be a visual showpiece or part of your decor.  Whether you choose crystal chandeliers or a metal globe light fixture, lighting can be very impactful on your home’s aesthetic.  If given proper attention and careful planning, lighting fixtures can take your design to the next level. 

Types of Lighting

Modern Romantic Bedroom

Ambient lighting is meant to light up an entire room.  It is usually installed on the ceiling and provides a uniform level of lighting throughout the room.  It is usually designed to allow for safe and easy use of the space. 

Task lighting is meant to give enough light to complete specific tasks, such as reading, computer work or crafting.  Often, these are brighter and smaller focused lights, meant to illuminate just the area being utilized.  

Accent lighting is utilized to focus on a specific point in the room or to achieve a special effect.  It can be used to draw attention to artwork, plant, or an architectural detail. 

Household Guide to Lighting

Outdoor String Lighting

  • Landscaping:  Your household lighting options start at the curb.  A well manicured lawn and landscape can be illuminated with accent lighting to enhance the look of your home at night.  A few simple spotlights shining on your flower beds or palm trees can make your home look more elegant and increase it’s curb appeal.
  • Front Door:  A lot of people have trended towards motion detected lights in front of their garage or at their front door.  Just because something is functional for your needs doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style.  There are many beautiful outdoor light fixtures that offer you the same functionality as a simple porch light.
  • Entryway:  As a guest first enters your home, this will be their first impression of your style and decor.  An elegant chandelier or drop lighting fixtures can make a great first impression.  This Is a great place for accent lighting to divert focus to a painting or sculpture. 
  • Living room:  A living room is a great place for overhead recessed or track lighting, combined with more concentrated and specific task lighting.  Overhead lights work great in this family space, but it can also benefit from floor or table lamps to provide lighted cozy nooks.
  • Kitchen:  There are many routes that you can go in the kitchen, and this will depend on your own style. Almost any style of ambient lighting can work in a kitchen, so you can make a big statement or a more subtle one to suit your needs.
  • Bedroom:  A classy overhead light fixture works best in this room for general ambient lighting.  Wall mounted sconces or table lamps for nightstands will allow task lighting for reading or working in bed.
  • Bathroom:  Many bathrooms use recessed ceiling lighting, but there are many gorgeous wall mounted light fixtures that you can install over a vanity or mirror.  These can really elevate your bathrooms style and value!

Lighting choices are just as important to the aesthetic and flow of a home as furniture and paint choices. Once your home has been furnished and decorated, the placement and style of lighting can elevate and increase the value of your home!