Keeping Your Cool with Refrigerator Maintenance

Opening Refrigerator

Without a doubt, your most used appliance is your refrigerator.  Your refrigerator is essential to your everyday life, offering you cold beverages, and preventing your food from spoiling.  Despite the importance of this appliance, it is also the most likely to become cluttered and dirty. 

Visitors to your home are likely to open your fridge during a visit to grab themselves a drink or a snack, so keeping your fridge in presentable condition is important! 

From spills to leftovers to expired jars, there are many ways that your fridge can quickly become a cluttered eyesore.   Luckily, there are also many ways to prevent this from happening and turn your refrigerator into a perfectly executed polar paradise! 

Shelf by Shelf

Cleaning Refrigerator Shelves

The first step to making sure that your refrigerator is presentable is to give it a good deep cleaning.  Remove all items from the unit and wipe down all surfaces.  If any jars or bottles are soiled, now is the time to wipe those down as well.  Similarly, if anything is past it’s expiration date, throw it straight into the trash!

After everything has been cleaned, you should cut and fit your fridge with shelf and drawer liners.  These not only give your fridge a crisp clean look, but they make it very easy to clean up if anything spills. 

Load It In

Containers in Refrigerator

In recent years, storage bins have become a very popular way to organize your fridge.  By placing bottles and jars into a container, you allow for easier access when you need something.  Simply pull the bin out to get what you need.  Having this ability eliminates the chance that a stray bottle gets pushed to the back of the fridge and spoils because it is forgotten about. Using bins also gives you added protection against spills or leaks.  

In addition to open bins for bottles, etc., there are also stackable storage bins that you can use for flatter items such as cheese or meat packages.  Kids’ snack items like string cheese and Gogurts will also fit great into these bins. 

An alternative to bins are lazy Susans.  These allow you to place items on a round tray, and have the ability to spin it around to access what you need without removing all the items, as with a bin.  This works best with bottles and/or jars, but you could easily use it for any commonly used items. 

Everything in Place

Organizing Refrigerator with Containers

Having a designated place for things makes it easier to keep things organized.  Labelling drawers and bins will hold you accountable to not only return things to where they belong, but not to put random items in the wrong place. 

Having a specific place for leftovers is important too.  These should absolutely be labeled, and thrown away within two days of being placed in the fridge.  Using uniform containers will also give your fridge an organized look.  

Chill factor

Refrigerator Being Repaired

The main thing to remember, as with any organizational endeavor is that time spent with maintenance will save you exponentially in the long run. 

If you take a few minutes each day to make sure that items are clean, and being placed in the correct place, you should never have a time when your fridge becomes a place that you are not proud to have someone view when they’re in your home!  

The added benefit is that your food will be more fresh, easier to find, and easier to access!

Protect What Matters
Get Started

Protect What Matters

With how important your refrigerator is to your daily life, it can feel like a crisis if something suddenly breaks. With a Home Warranty from Home Protection of America, you can rest assured that if your refrigerator breaks down, you can hire the licensed and insured technician of your choice to fix it – with no deductible, service or trade fees.

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