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If living space is tight, or you just want to clean up your home’s look, you should consider mounting your televisions to free up more floor space. It is natural to be concerned about attaching an expensive electronic to such a thin wall. That’s what most people worry about prior to installing a wall-mounted television.

I recently moved to a new house and was always terrified at the thought of a television crashing down to the floor, in the middle of the Super Bowl, or the middle of the night. 

Fear not! If you have the ability to use a drill, you can easily install this with a little bit of confidence and a gameplan.

Handy hanging!

Retractable TV Mount

The first thing you need to decide is what type of wall-mount would fit your living space the best. If you have a large room, a mount that rotates and swivels might be more favorable. Some mounts even have an arm that extends the television to come away from the wall for corner mounts. If you’re mounting in the middle of a larger wall, a flat mount may be all you need.

When you’re positioning your mount, try your best to visualize your TV on the wall or even try holding the box where you might put your mount. It’s important to have your mind made up prior to installing the mount, because you’re not going to move it’s location once you’ve finished. The height is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when installing a TV mount. The last thing you want is a stiff neck every time you watch your favorite show. The recommended height is eye level to the center of your screen. As we all know, recommendations don’t always fit to our liking. Choose wisely, and make sure your placement fits your individual needs!

Anchors Away!

Hanging TV on Wall

Many walls that you’ll be mounting to will need wall anchors.  You’ll first need to find those studs! You may  want an extra pair of hands or eyes to help you in this process. If your walls are concrete or brick, you won’t have to worry about locating studs. You’ll just have to use a special type of anchor that may not have been included in your wall-mount kit. They are easy to find, and fairly inexpensive.  

Many older homes might have different spacing for studs behind the drywall but chances are the electrical outlet is lined up next to a stud on the side of it. This trick has double the payoff;  not only will you find the stud but you’ll have an outlet to plug in your television and all other electronics that will be included. 

All the instructions with your mount will take you over the next steps, but you’ll need to drill pilot holes. We can always use our eyeballs to judge if something is straight but a level will always give you an accurate answer. You’ve probably heard the expression, “Measure twice, cut once.” This is the time you’ll want to use that motto.  Make certain that your measurements are accurate and then start your drilling. 

Applying hardware to the back of a TV to mount

Once your mount is installed, you’ll need to install the hardware to the back of your television.  I recently installed four mounts in our new house for four different TV models. Each mount came with a few different options that will fit most models of smart TVs. Then comes the easiest part, simply hold your TV set up to the installed mount and hang it on the wall. If this sounds easy, rest assured that it is.  All you need is confidence and a few tools.

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Some last tips for mounting your television

  • Wire ties will always come in handy if you have speakers/media players/other electronics to go with your entertainment area.  This will keep things looking tidy. 
  • You can buy fairly cheap wire covers, if you’d like to clean up the area and give a sleek look to your newly wall-mounted TV. 
  • For kids or gaming rooms, wall mounts work exceptionally well for their gaming consoles, as well as the television.  It makes the area look modern and also frees up space in the area rather than sitting them on the ground. 

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