How to Improve Curb Appeal

Pull up!

Your home’s curb appeal is literally the first impression that your home makes on potential buyers.  As a buyer drives through a neighborhood to view a home for the first time, there is an exhilarating feeling of anticipation.  Making a good first impression is vital if you wish to sell your home quickly and at the best price possible. Attention to detail is important and very straight forward.

Where do you start?

When planning to sell your home, you definitely want to focus on what your potential buyers will see first.  The easiest way to begin improving your curb appeal is to make sure that your yard, driveway and entryway are clean and free of clutter.  These are very simple tasks that you can do on your own, even without the help of a professional. 

Pressure washing pavement

Pressure washing your driveway and sidewalk will make a big difference in appearances.  Making sure that trash cans are hidden, and no debris or belongings are left out gives the feeling of a tidy home awaiting them inside.

Rock Garden Landscaping

Green, lush grass is definitely a desirable quality in a home.  If your lawn has a lot of weeds, you might want to consider hiring a professional to treat the lawn.  At the very least, pull out any weeds and keep your lawn trimmed and watered.  This is a very inexpensive and low effort way to make a good impression.


Landscaping your yard will almost always yield an increase in a property’s value. Designs do not need to be elaborate, they just need to be well executed.  Simple shrubs, if manicured well, can look just as nice as intricate and colorful flower beds.

New House Paint

A fresh coat of paint, and even a bold color on your front door can completely change the look of a home for the better. A potted or hanging plant can give a welcoming vibe.  Topiaries framing your doorway can give a home a sophisticated look.  Whatever route you choose, just make sure that it is adding to your home’s beauty and not detracting from it.

Don’t forget!

White picket fence

If your home has any fencing, make sure that it is in good shape.  If there are any rotted or damaged areas, make sure to repair and address these.  If the fence looks weathered, consider staining or pressure washing it. Make sure any gate areas are in good working order.

Black mailbox with red flag

Mailboxes are an area that many people don’t think of when they are working on their curb appeal.   Make sure that it is clean and in good condition.  Consider adding your house number somewhere.  You can install number hardware on your garage or besides your front door, number decals on your mailbox, or even painted rocks at the end of your driveway depicting your house number. 

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Find a Plan For You

No matter what improvements you make on your home’s appearance, the most important thing to remember is to make sure that whatever jobs you start, that you make sure to finish well.  Leaving any projects half completed, or not executed well can wind up looking way worse than if you had done nothing at all.


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