Home Warranty for New Homeowners

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Why New Homeowners Should Buy A Home Warranty

A new home comes with a lot of challenges. From moving in, to beginning to build the house into a home for you and those around you, there are many moving pieces when you first move in.

Provide yourself with peace of mind and allow yourself to focus on those things that are important to you, while we at Home Protection of America spend time focusing on protecting the systems and appliances that run your home.

Protect Your New Appliances

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When you move in, you also may want to consider getting maintenance on or replacing existing appliances to ensure proper function. Once completed, you want to make sure that these major appliances are protected for the foreseeable future. That’s where HPOA comes in.

With a Home Warranty from HPOA, we can protect those investments so you can budget for other upgrades around the home.

Replacing a refrigerator can cost as much as $5,000 or more for larger families. When you are making choices to make upgrades to your home, a sudden cost could put you and the family at risk for short term financial difficulties.

With an HPOA Home Warranty, you can file a claim if a major appliance stops functioning and be approved for replacement in no time at all! 

Locking in protection like this gives you the ability to budget better and keep making forward progress with your new home.

Protect the Systems that Protect You

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A HVAC system in a home can be a great investment, but can also be expensive to replace.

With an HPOA Home Warranty, we protect systems like this inside of your home, making sure that you continue to keep the people in your home comfortable during those hot summer months without fear of budget changes impacting your short term financial safety.

Protection from normal wear and tear of plumbing

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Plumbing (especially plumbing in the Northern US) is a major part of running multiple rooms and systems in your home. Some plumbing issues can cost thousands of dollars and smaller plumbing issues can happen in waves following this.

With a well maintained plumbing system, having a Home Warranty can protect your plumbing and keep costs from rising uncontrollably in the event of a leak of break in your plumbing lines.

Don't Leave Your New Home Without the Protection You Deserve
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This protection, especially in a new home, is vital to getting control of the unique needs your new house will have. Giving you more time to enjoy living in the space and less time worrying about what might be.

If you are a new homeowner and want more information on how a Home Warranty can protect your new investment. Click here and start finding the right options for your home.

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