Choosing the Right Vacuum for Your Home

Suck it up!

Vacuum cleaners are an essential and basic part of home cleaning tools.  That being said, they are one of the most varied in features, cost and type.  You can buy a basic vacuum cleaner for as little as $40, to an elaborate model costing several thousands.  There are handheld vacuums, cordless stick vacuums, and even wireless robot vacuum cleaners. Which you choose depends on your budget and needs. 

What’s Best?

The type of vacuum cleaner that you need depends a lot on your lifestyle and budget.   People who live in pet free, kid free houses will have greatly different floor cleaning needs than households full of kids tracking around dirt and dropping crumbs, or houses with several pets shedding their hair everywhere!  Similarly the more discretionary income you have, gives you the ability to pay for more features.

High Tech Electronics

Robot Vacuum

Yes, we’re still talking about vacuum cleaners!  Advancements in technology have even trickled down to vacuum cleaners.  Robot vacuums have the ability to build a map of your home in it’s memory and cover every part of it methodically.  For some people, this is a dream come true.  You can schedule the vacuum for any time that is convenient to you, and on a repeated schedule so your floors stay clean!  It will even return to its base and charge itself giving you the power to never vacuum again!  They are WI-FI enabled, so you can even control them from a smartphone app!

Back support

Man vacuuming living room with upright vacuum for back support

Unless you have a robot vacuum, most people spend several hours a month vacuuming.  If you have any back or mobility issues at all, finding a vacuum that doesn’t cause any discomfort is vital.  Lighter, and longer handled units definitely make them easier to use.  Or you can always just make someone else do the vacuuming for you!

Prepare your floor to be vacuumed

It might sound silly, but before you actually start vacuuming, you should do a quick survey of the space.  If there are any large objects you should make sure that those are moved out of the way before you start. Large objects can get lodged in your tubing, and cause a breakage.  Additionally, if there is a big pile, you might want to consider sweeping the bulk of it up before you vacuum.  This will reduce the wear and tear on your unit, and allow you to wait longer before you need to empty it. 

You also want to make sure that there are no liquid spills in the area, unless you are using a wet/dry vac.  Vacuuming up liquid can make a big mess inside your appliance, and in some cases, could render them useless.  Water getting inside any electronics can cause it to short circuit. 


Something to consider when purchasing a vacuum is if anyone in the household has any allergies.  Vacuuming frequently will certainly not eliminate all dust, but it will significantly reduce it. Additionally, there are many upgraded models that are specifically designed to reduce allergens in a home.  If anyone is plagued with allergies, this might be worth the additional expense!

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